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Chess player who made history

Anyway, you can find information about the chess players who are currently ruling in the world, hit record in World Cup medals and the like. On the other hand, finding information about people who have been known in the chess world may be harder, but perhaps not just for best performance in the long run. Here you will be able to read about a number of people, their career with chess and then what they have done afterwards.

Ulf Andersson

The Swedish Ulf Andersson, born 1951, became Swedish Champion in Chess in 1969, that is, when he was 18 years old. 6 years later, that is, 1975, Ulf was the first of all times to defeat Anatoly Karpov who has been ruling world champion the years before. Ulf Andersson remained in the world elite for a long time. Many people who have met him describe him as a solid player, and incredibly hard to beat. Even so, Ulf had many remies, that is, unsuccessful matches. It was unusual when compared to a world champion. He was on top of the 1990s. After that, invitations to big chess tournaments began to decline worldwide. In Ulf’s career, he received an artist’s salary in 1975.

This salary he received was important for him and for his survival because the chess took much of his time but it was difficult to feed on the income world champion received at that time. Ulf tells in an interview from 2011 that he is deeply grateful for the artist’s salary. The interview took place when he celebrated his 60th birthday. He also told me he still likes playing chess, even though he does not do it at the same level for a long time. On the other hand, he is training a national team, namely Argentina’s national team. Everyday, he lives in Arboga, but if you were to see him at any of Stockholm’s chess salons, that would not belong to the unusualities.

Anatolij Karpov

As you read earlier, Anatoly Karpov was the person who was succeeded by Ulf Andersson after becoming world champion for many years in a row. In fact, he was actually world champion between 1975 and 1985. After that he had a break, retrieved forces and returned to the top of the prize pool. There lasted between 1993 and 1999. As a player, Anatolij was very cold-blooded. Friends who know him privately say that he changes completely as a person when he is sitting in front of the board with the chess pieces. Many other chess players compared Anatoly as a pyton or boaorm while playing chess. He also had a really good poker face, especially when the game demanded it. Another feature to add was that he was a ruthless tactician.

This may have been contributing factors to his success as he became. When he let down his career, he continued to be the Russian and Soviet patriot he has always been. He started a career as a politician. Nowadays he supports Putin. In addition, he has collected stamps throughout his life. That collection is now worth several million. However, money is not a problem for Anatoly after selling parts of its stamp collection.

With the money he has, among other things, engaged in charity projects and put in money for the third world, that is, the poorer countries. Another thing he earns big sums of money on is his showcases in check. People are willing to pay high sums to see Anatoly turn on their poker face, transformed into a boaorm and ice cold win matches. For people who are interested in chess and understand the joke but also the difficulty with the game, Anatolij Karpov is the perfect person to look at. What he does with the chess pieces and his way of thinking are outside.

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