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As in most sports, and here with e-sports, chess is also a world championship. The first official World Cup match played in 1886, and then it was Wilhelm Steinitz who took home the gold, before the difficult Johannes Zukertort. On the other hand, there had been some previous games that corresponded to world championships but they were not official. These games started in 1834 and then appeared in the years 1843, 1846, 1858 and 1866, until the first official World Cup match. As chess is not as big as football, for example, organizers have not been equally diligent to host the championship every year for various reasons. Some factors have been that too few countries have sent participants, and sometimes it has been that demand has been so small that they will not receive any money from spectators.

Of course, the ruling champions did not choose the hardest resistance, which meant that in principle, one and the same person was for several years. Examples of three people who became world champion for several consecutive years were Wilhelm Steinitz, Emanuel Lasker and Alexander Aljechin. From 1948 until 1993, FIDE was created as organizer of the World Championship. FIDE in chess is a counterpart to FIFA in football. They made sure that rules were followed, that it was fair, and even started qualifying for the actual world championships.


The international chess federation is called Fédération Internationale des Échecs, abbreviated to FIDE. It was created in 1924 in Paris. After the world champion Aleksandr Alechin left 1946, the chess federation started and two years later, they started their first world championship. In 1948 Miachail Botvinnik became world champion. Although FIDE has a good idea and a good motto that reads “We are a people”, they have received a lot of criticism during their years as World Cup organizers. In 1975, they received a lot of criticism when FIDE took the official world champion title from Bobby Fisher. The reason was that Bobby refused to defend his title in a match against Soviet Anatolij Karpov.

FIDE got further criticism when they entered and stopped a match between Kasparov and Karpov. The reason they chose to soup a match that was crucial to the World Championship title was because both players were extremely tired after playing rounds in a row without winning 7 games. That’s something to do to win. They had been playing for several months as well. After 1993 when FIDE no longer stood as organizers of World Championships in Schaal, the organization took over PCA. PCA stands for the Professional Chess Association.

What is good with chess, which also occurs in riding, is that both men and women can compete against each other in the same class, even during World Championships. There are also organized championships for seniors, juniores and even computers. How it works to play against a computer and how a computer works, you will be able to read more here on our website.

Magnus Carlsen

Norrmannen Magnus Carlsen, in 2016, was able to keep his world champion title in check after finishing an exciting crucial match. The win of the match was a total of 6 million kronor in prize money, plus lots of new sponsors and a big trophy. The match took place in New York. He was an untouched winner because he had been unusually sloppy in the group play to the final. First, he won the first four rounds before it became a draw for the next two rounds, called remi. After that, Magnus won Carlsten and brought the gold to Norway.

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